Friday, 7 February 2014

This Scottish Independence conversation....

This Scottish Independence debate is not about ‘nationality’ but about where power lies.

Both Germany and America have a Federal style of government – that is every state runs their own affairs and the central government decides on foreign policy and roads.  

The questions for me are moving Trident from the Clyde for starters, devolving powers in both education and the health service, and one of confidence and choice!  If we look at the Scandinavian countries Finland and Norway - both have done very well since gaining their Independence from Sweden a 100 years ago. Norway is a sea faring nation very similar to Scotland. 

This is not about 'breaking away' but a new type of government - the UK model is a broken one.

A Conversation. We in Scotland all need to have a ‘conversation’ about Scottish independence and mostly this is not happening.

Also …. perhaps the rest of England needs to break away from Superstate London also.

Those that support independence feel inhibited about voicing their views.