Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Life BLOGs

I continue a few pieces for my Life Blogs - Youth Violence, Kate and Morning sickness, Social Mobility, Independence, The NHS. I write when events move me - sometimes poems, sometimes blogs. And sometimes words can make a difference and that's wonderful.

Twenty years ago I wrote about the Youth cafe's I came across in Finland when I was 17 as an inviting place forteenagers to meet and hang out. It is good to see these now locally. What spurred me to write was someone writing in the local paper that there was plenty of places for both families and young people!  I thought - where!?

I wrote about youth violence in Scotland after a neighbour's son was tragically killed. He was a 22 year old rugby player and he was waiting outside a club on Sauchiehall street on the night of an Old Firm game when two youths, one carrying a baseball bat, hit him and he fell on his head. Apparently these youths were running about and had hit several people that night, according to those in A & E.  I heard much later these youths only received a few years in jail. Lesson is - don't go into town on the night of an Old Firm game!  Hooligans love an excuse to vent their angers.      

I have written about pregnancy and I have much to write on being a parent and education (more to follow!). I am a mother of three grown up children and I taught in primary schools. 

I wrote mostly in private to papers in the past but now I have a voice on my blog.