Monday, 26 May 2014

Constitutional Change

The yes vote is not about 'separation' - its about a healthier partnership in the British Isles and a more prosperous Scotland. I believe in de-centralised government which works for other countries.

This is not about nationalism either, its about constitutional change and about all who wish to live in Scotland  - and for better education, health service and infrastructure and that children will not live in dire poverty in our rich country. We never voted here for our taxes to be used for illegal wars or nuclear weapons in Scotland.  

I believe we can do a better job. If Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries I have to ask why so many of our children live in dire poverty. I grew up in Edinburgh, lived in America ten years and I was shocked by the areas of deprivation in the West of Scotland.

My older son works as a paediatric dentist and he has to do many full mouth extractions for 3 years olds with rotten teeth (they are given bottles with Irn Bru!) Dentists come from all over the world to practice filling and drilling here as they cant’ do so in their own countries!  And yes it is possible for children to grow up now with NO fillings. It really is quite shocking as an indicator of the deprivation and lack of education. What is wrong?  They have tried breakfast programs to improve general health but much more needs to be done.  

Studies have shown that Improved equality works for all and raises standards for all citizens - wheras gross inequality  does the opposite. .   

A society in charge of its own destiny is a healthier, happier and more prosperous one - and we are not in charge with only one Tory MP and a Tory led administration that is privatising health, education and more.
I don't believe that politicians who govern in Westminster and an out of touch Etonian elite do or have done a good job for decades, I feel I have no voice in what Westminster does or doesn’t do.

We know other countries are able to function within Europe - so why not Scotland? Why do we need to be dependent on Westminster making our decision for us? 

Does it all come down to how we see Devo Max or what the difference between Independence and Devo Max is. That's why its a constitutional question.  Women are especially afraid of independence. Do they feel more secure in a UK that enters wars run by war criminals? We will still have a close working partnership in the UK, in Europe and the UN - don't believe the scaremongerers! Scotland is a strategically important country.

London has become a centre for foreign billionaires who are driving property prices there sky high and those such as nurses and teachers can't afford to live there.
Scotland needs to break away from this false bubble and create a healthier, more prosperous country for all - one that prioritises co-operation, integration and shared wealth. 

Could we believe that we can build a better country – improve NHS management, education standards, encourage business, increase social mobility, increase investment in our infra -structure and in research and development. Rebuild Scotland’s fractured fishing industry and ship building.

No other country has such a centralised government. I don’t’ hate London, I just don’t believe London’s government works for Scotland’s best interests. 

The Better Together offer the status quo. If you believe Scotland can do better vote yes.

And the question is perhaps, can a Westminster government work for the best interests of the people of Scotland? Has it done so the past fifty years? These are the important questions before us now – they matter for the kind of future country we might wish for future generations who wish to live and work in Scotland.  

Only a Scottish government can work for the best interests of all those who live in Scotland.  I hope there is a better way, and hope matters, without vision what is there?