Monday, 10 March 2014

What's wrong with the NHS?

The NHS is run by incompetent idiots. 

People will not realise that consultants are selected these days purely based on interview skills (these skills are NOT taught in our schools or colleges) - and that no scores or account are taken of job performance or portfolios such as exams.

What other business or profession recruits their trainee staff based on interview technique alone? 

The GPs - general practitioners, who basically hand out prescriptions - earn twice as much as highly trained hospital consultants!  (In America there are no GPs!)

And the NHS treats their junior hospital doctors like robotic slaves who do not deserve toilet breaks or to eat on 12 hour shifts. How can this be good for patient care when those doing the ground work are close to fainting with exhaustion? 

This is all due to poor management from on high somewhere and the loss of the ward matrons. While there are other hospital staff standing around doing nothing… makes no sense.    

No one wants to complain or say anything for fear of their training positions. 

I'm posting this for all those who are deluded into thinking the NHS is a scared institution. While we do have wonderful doctors. 

I'm pretty disgusted at the NHS have to say.