Sunday, 15 November 2015

Is a Country Judged by its Ethics

It concerns me greatly the lack of ethics and morality in some important places.  It seems that lying is OK as long as you are either thick or a celebrity, an athlete or politician and as long as can get away with it??! 

The Crown decision to let Bin lorry driver Harry Clark off the hook after killing 6 people last Christmas in the centre of Glasgow last year and to condone his  lying on his DVLA application on his having previous blackouts (on his medical records.)  What is the Law for - to prevent this kind of tragedy happening again?? This decision is unethical and morally wrong.

On the BBC program by Jackie Bird shown 3rd November, an expert stated that these Crown office decisions normally take around 9 months -  but this decision was rushed through not to persecute Harry Clark after only a few weeks. 

The victims families were even told he was let off because he is a fat, uneducated West of Scotland man!??  Unbelievable. Does this mean only educated people are prosecuted? 

All the lying around criminal paedophile Jimmy Saville's attacking helpless children in hospital is morally wrong - it was OK to lie about him because he was a celebrity apparently!

Then there is the lies it seems that surround Tony Blair - who claims his lying over weapons of mass destruction to enter an illegal war was OK because -  George Bush said so and Bush senior wanted revenge... and because Saddam was evil.  

There is also Lib Dem Mr Carmichael's lies about Nicola Sturgeon, to damage her politically last year which he claims was OK as long as it was a political lie! ??  He lied to Channel 4 News, the Daily Record and the Cabinet Office! He thought he was so protected by the establishment. Some democracy we have.  He hadn't bargained for crowdfunding  £280,000 and four individuals bringing a case against him.  

I was shocked at the level of lying permissible during the Referendum campaign last year. We were told in the print press that our national poet Robert Burn and novelist Walter Scott were both unionists! The vulnerable and sick were told they would loose benefits and even access to hospital treatment.. These were all downright and bold lies. After all these lies can they now justify our supposedly moral and equal union?  

After the 1707 union Scotland was free of the establishment who left for London, which must have been refreshing. How nice to be free once again! We don't live in a true democracy - that ignore the voices of its own people. Westminster seeks to erode human rights - by leaving the EBHR and scary levels of online intrusions. What happens if all this fell into the wrong hands?    

**I admire Nicola Sturgeon (and most of the SNP politicians, John Sweeney, Alex Salmond and others) because she and others appear to have high ethical standards. By that I mean honesty, integrity, morality a conscience and they believe in doing the right thing. Some may view this as religion but it doesn't need to be about religious beliefs. 

I guess religion used to tell people if they did wrong there were punishments.  
The fact is that a lie is a lie! There are no good lies and doing wrong will always come back to haunt you and get you eventually. Instead of religion today we have a supposedly free press, that is otne misguided and misrepresentative of supportive of the establishment. 

Society requires standard, ethics and morality.  Lies and corruption damage others in society. now we also have the lies over drug taking in athletics. 

It looks likely Blair may still be charged. Carmichael has court proceedings against him. And only after death Saville's awful crimes have come to light. We might say you reap what you sow....